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International Curriculum

Today, the area and requirements of animation and creative field has picked up the speed as never before. Almost every field is now connected and using 3d graphics and animation in their system. Architectural walk-throughs, branding, medical science, aviation, entertainment, education,Civil engineering, commercials, movies, concept designs, events and decorations and plenty more.

We stand as an example of leading and innovative marque running successfully both in education and production fronts.



Our idea and vision is to provide our best in both our educational and production commitments. We always focus on giving our best with artistic and innovative concepts. Bright future of our students and getting valuable results for our clients is what motivated to always give in our best. Our innovative and improvised output creates boundless opportunities for us.


We have a team of more than 65 professional artists on whom we are proud of. Our team is well known for expertise, pioneering ideas, enthusiasm, and for client fulfillment. We have 3D modelers, Riggers, Animators, Texturing and Lighting Artists, Graphic Designers, Visualizers and many more. Each member is passionate and versed the profile they are working on. We keep our clients need as our prime goal and we keep them in loop through effective communication and trust. Due to our well managed working system and tracks our team never gets exhausted with overwork but always feel active and artistic.


We are versed and aim to influence the creative field globally as it is an inspiration which makes you work harder, smarter and with much dedication. Bigger the ground, bigger the challenges and bigger the rewards will be. Working on a huge creative scale is more challenging but that is what makes you learn more and to achieve the imagined output.