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Studio Strength

Our studio is unparalleled in the field of animation covering every aspect of requirements that makes it a professional studio.
Our strength lies in:
Well acquainted studio
Latest software’s like Adobe Photoshop, Aftereffects, Premiere, Sound Booth, Autodesk 3D max, Maya, Mudbox, Matchmover and Fusion are the organs of Ram animation
Skilled and talented faculties to deliver high end education to the students
• Continuous up gradation of the facility to be able to provide the best in the class technology to the students.
• Understanding the importance of time and delivering the results under the deadline through effective time management.
• Constant configuration and calibration of systems of remain foremost in the modern technology
• Understanding the needs of market to keep ahead of the competition
• Our work is not restricted to any specifics as we aim to push beyond the boundaries of limitations.
3D Character
3D characters are the source of elements in the field of animation. Every animated video requires a character animation which reflects the reality in the art. We are high qualified in the field of 3D character creation to deliver some high end results of character animation. Our characters convey our passion of efforts we put behind every project of 3D characters. Our work depicts the reality in character animation which is only achievable through skilled and talented resources.
Besides that we also provide tutorials our students with step by step introduction in the art of character creation. Students taught under our studio will have profound knowledge of character creation as we provide some of the best learning techniques focusing every phase to our students.
Our character tutorial steps include:
• Overview
• Modeling
• Texturing
• Skeleton and IKS
• Keys
• Exporting and its Animation
• Loading and Fine tuning
• Merging and adding behaviors
• Conclusion
Gaming is a latest innovation where great unachievable has happened through recent years. Earlier days, gaming was just a myth. Being able to control a character and play accordingly was but a dream of previous decade. Not anymore, nowadays gaming has become an integral part of the society where everyone is involved with it one way or another. Gaming is a huge market with its profit worth billions. Gaming has penetrated in almost every platform of the technology leaving its impression of the momentous task we can perform. We at Ram studio demonstrates our skills of excellence in the field of gaming as we aim to provide some of the best results that can be achieved. On par excellence with latest technologies and proficiency, we deliver best gaming experience to the clients which in turn can help connect to the peers. Our experience in gaming world is vastly commemorated by our rewarding work done in the field. No task is impossible for us, as we have some of the best professionals working with us. Gaming has been the important part of entertainment and through us, you can be the part of the gaming world.
Film Art and Film Making
Filming is the field which has been in lights not many decades before. It is relatively new compared to other arts. Yes, filming is an art by itself. Filming is not an easy task we believe it to be otherwise. Today, movies, shows and advertisements contain the concept of film art. The source of acting, making a movie is very exhaustive task. It requires immense amount of talent to perform in an advertisements as well. It is not a regular task that anyone can perform even with the favorable conditions. Ram Studio excels at film art and film making with a view to provide the entertainment to the masses. With talented source of artists and sound knowledge in the field of filming, we can deliver the best for you. Our artists are highly experienced and our staff is more than qualified to create a film for you.
Need to make a film for your product to sell or want to publicize your services? Do not worry, we are here for you. Our filming comprises of professionals who can get the job done within the time frame and not empty your pockets as our services are well manageable within the budget. Our film making is done by the work of highly trusted personnel’s who can create highly entertaining end results keeping the objectives of filming in mind. Contact us to see the miracle of our professional in the art of filming.
3D Film
What does 3D add to the movies?
It is more of a technical question than to demonstrate its importance in the field of movies. 3D means along with height and width, we can see the depth of an object and scenes also. This creates an illusion
of reality and practical depth.Adding 3D effects gives the depth to the movies which can be attained through special effects. A 3D created movie is much more realistic and gives an edge in the competitive world of movies.
3D Image and Video Technology
3D world is huge to explore as it increase the potential possibilities of creating the movies in much more creative manner. With latest technologies and special effects, 3D image and videos are created to give an extra depth and amazements to the viewers.
We at Ram Studio fulfill these needs of entertainment to create top of the notch images and videos in 3D. Our studio is supported with state of the art technologies to generate outstanding results in required medium. Working professionals in our studio will exemplify the need of the clients to deliver some of the best result to keep them ahead of the competition. We bound to create a fusion of talent and technology through we are able to achieve some of the best works so far. Our Image and Video forming techniques in 3D is unparalleled. With the requirements of 3D technology in so many fields, there is bound for a need to be involved in the 3D world to stay ahead of the competition. We will be the medium to bridge that gap of keeping up with the competition in the market.
Story Boarding
Story Boarding depicts the form of picture presentation in the visual animation art as a sequence.
A detailed visual presentation of images, scripts and animations can help to layout the output of the desired project. Story boarding can help with how the finished product will look like. Clear plan and producing accordingly becomes easy once we get the idea of how the results will convey through the idea of storyboarding. Ram Studio is a platform for such requirements as we provide our storyboarding services to the clients who may wish to lay a plan of project through the storyboarding medium which in turn can help them with the time management and can provide their insight whether to approach for such project or otherwise. We offer comprehensive active, passive and interactive storyboard development services and have a full range of production options including animatic and cartoon storyboarding. Our services in story boarding are listed in many categories as:
• Thumbnail storyboard
• Floating storyboard
• Framed storyboard
• Photo storyboard
• Animated storyboard
• Film storyboard
• Cartoon storyboard
If you are looking storyboarding professionals with the above requirements then you have come at right place as we will do the job for you.