Programs :

Basic Course

Include Drawing, Colour Theory, Texture and Painting, Perspective and Lay out, Concept Design, Story boarding, Character Design, Digital Sculpting etc.

3D Animation

Animation is about creating a series of pictures or drawings that are taken through a simulation process in order to create movement. 3D animation is all about giving anything a real effect, may it be character, objects etc. which can be brought to life, in form of a story giving a visual depth. Our 3D animation program excels at teaching comprehensive art of 3D technologies through creative approach. All the recent animated movies can be described through the use of 3D animation. 3D art is created using complex tools and instruments which has a scope beyond the limits.

2D Animation

There is not much of a difference in 2D and 3D animation if considering the fact of animating a character. However the real difference lies in the planes with 3D providing a depth in the visual effects giving it more realistic looks. But not all things are needed in 3D, some simpler task are more than sufficient in 2D. 2D is such field that suffices basics in many fields including in animations as well. While 3D requires sophisticated set of tools, work on 2D animation is much easier and effective approach. Our program of 2D animations sets the level of teaching basic of animations which ultimately helps in many fields requiring the specific approach. The program is carried out through the basics of animations to concrete the understandings of animation in the modern world.

Visual Effects (VFX)

Visual effect is an art of creating or manipulating the visual content to provide more realistic looks. It can serve as a purpose of defining the computer generated imagery that somehow would be impossible in usual circumstances. For instance, visual effects are extensively used in movies where certain dangerous scenes are created which would be otherwise impossible. Visual effects play a huge role in modern day digital animation and providing 3d effects. We at RASE, provides the exclusive level of visual effects training in the most creative manner. Ability to emphasize the usage of VFX is largely demonstrated by our program to later expertise the needs of the technology in the modern day advancements.


We excel at delivering the best possible forthcoming of providing best motion picture photography through our program. Basic theoretical and practical aspects are thoroughly exercised to set a stage for cinematography. Concepts, and technological criteria of cinematography specified to different purposes are taught which can help the students to work in their desired field. Our curriculum in cinematography covers Filming, Exposure, Imaging, Digital cinematography and more. Under the complete guidance of experienced staff and sophisticated workshops, we ought to deliver the best in class knowledge to our students.

Graphic Design

Over lapping representation of visual communication and design is what refers to graphic design. Graphic design can be seen everywhere from packaging to your business cards, nothing is left unattended without the help of graphics. Its a complex and interesting field to learn. Our program of graphic designing provides the insight of the bringing something creative imaginative idea to reality. The skills required to convey such idea is allocated throughout the program in qualitative manner. Your ideas turned into attractive design are something we impart to our fellow students. Graphic designers can leave a long lasting impression in modern day media such as companys logo, posters which are the means of communication.

Fashion Design

Fashion design is not unheard of in India. The growth in fashion industry cannot be neglected as it serves the larger portion of the market influencing the modern day trends. Due to rapid economy and demanding market, there is always a requirement of qualified and skilled fashion designers.

We at RASE, defines the meaning of being a fashion designer as we aim to deliver the students with the fundamentals of fashion designing with extensive knowledge in such field. Being creative in order to demonstrate your skills is our maxim. The curriculum covers the techniques of garment construction, ornamentation techniques, with depth analysis and understanding of garments and materials. Endless options of design explorations are carefully mustered with a view to create poised and finessed garments. Fashion designers can pursue their career as stylists, costume designers, illustrators etc. so there is no ending in this field to achieve.

Interior Design

Today, modern marvels are the epitome of our civilization. With its presence seen in almost every major city of the country, we can but admire such wonders. At RASE, we offer our courses in Interior designing which helps further improving the inner appearance of the buildings. From office, workshops, commercial, home, everyplace requires an interior designer who can create a breath taking appearance of such places. We drive to provide such artistic skills to our fellow students and aspirants that can fuel their innovative ideas into creating something stunning. Its not a routine job of being an interior designer. Ability to create an environment which perfectly blends with the color, décor and ambience requires unique set of skills. We understand all these necessities and put forth such formulas so as to create a tailored interior designer who can surpass those expectations.

Basic fundamentals of planning, designing and executing a job are covered through our program by providing the technical knowledge to our students. Creating a workplace with right color, perfect ambience, good decor requires both skills and experience in such field to deliver. At RASE, all these criteria’s are kept into mind while tutoring the students.

Web Design

Creating a website which is user friendly is most essential part of websites. Navigation, compatibility, interactive, appealing are some of the required criteria’s of websites. Website appearance and functioning can make a whole lot of difference in the market. If the website is unresponsive and unappealing, this in turn may affect the overall sale of the products or services in the market and later affect the image of the company. We offer courses in Web designing while keeping all the above criterias in mind. The training offered in web designing is based on the creation of website using various tools and techniques. We focus on the visual elements and other factors of web design such as

Students are challenged through the different cycles of web designing to concrete their skills using softwares and teaching techniques. We aim to deliver the best of web designing experience to become a qualified web designer.

Stereoscopic 3D

3D stereoscopy is a technique of creating a plane to the traditional 3d animation or scene which provides an illusion of depth and represents the scene as real. Nowadays, many films and games are inheriting such effects to its viewers. It’s a widely adapted idea and such type of requirements need certified film makers with an ability to create such films.

We offer the career programs in 3d Stereoscopy to become expert in the art of 3d film making. Courses include concepts of stereoscopy, digital enhancement, depth creation, plane formation. Students under our program will benefit from experiencing practical software training and workshops. Students completing the course can pursue their career as motion graphic artist, depth artist, clean plate artists etc.

Digital Photography

The basic characteristics of good photographers are the unique skills to capture perfect stills irrespective of the tools they use. Our course in digital photography gives you the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of digital photography including topics such as exposure settings, how to read and use the histogram, how light affects a photograph, how the camera sensor work, how camera lenses work, and how to process a photograph using computer software.You will also learn tips and techniques on what not to do when taking a photograph. Our program is ideal for those who wish to increase their understanding of digital photography and want to know how to process and produce photographs digitally.

Video Editing

Todays digital and viral video landscape has created a massive need for editors. However, being a casual video editor and a professional video editor makes a huge difference. Professional editors are well trained in the process of video editing and can create a huge impact in the final process of video editing. RASE offer programs in video editing to deliver firsthand experience of the video editing skills which sets on the basic objectives of using working methods, equipments and software used in the field of video editing in order for you to be able to produce videos for television and corporate areas. Students are familiarized with different types of profession requiring the video editing and improve their capability to work effectively and efficiently as per the requirements.

Digital Film

The Digital Filming is complex art which requires practical skills and knowledge of industry practices. Through our program we provide our students to gain confidence in screenwriting, shooting, editing and using the latest technology while forming a critical understanding of film form, the cinema industry, marketing, distribution and related media entrepreneurial skills.

Students will be able to take advantage of outstanding digital film facilities with audio editing capabilities and audio equipment. Apart from that, our instructors will guide them through certain challenges to achieve mastery in digital filming.

Stop Motion

Stop motion is frame by frame representation of physically manipulated objects creating an illusion of moving on its own. It is most widely used techniques in animated clay videos. Individuals interested in working with stop motion can get training through our program that offers courses or concentrations in this technique. Students learn an overview of techniques relevant to stop motion, such as:


Clay Animation is an animation technique which is done with clay or plasticize.Animators use this form of animation to make the models look more realistic because the clay allows them to create flexible movements. You make a movie by taking a photo using a digital camera. Next you move the model/s a tiny bit. Shoot, move, shoot, move, until you create motion. At RASE, we develop the skills to the individuals to make the Claymation possible by constructing and filming. Various aspects of Claymation are taught at our institution on how to create a video using Claymation technique.

3D Architect Walkthrough

Architecture has become one of the most promising fields of construction whether related to creating a building, house or any other structural marvel. Yet, not everything goes as planned. Sometimes, the architect design the concept of a building and it may look appealing to the viewers but when actually constructed might turn out to be really a situation other way around. This might hamper with the working prospects of the architects and builders. However with advancement in the recent technologies, this obstacle can be tackled with ease. The concept of 3D architect walkthrough holds the idea of providing a 3D floor plan of the building (complex, villas etc.) in form of a video. Our program emphasizes on teaching the individuals with 3D architects and its walkthrough which can form the inner as well as outer plan of a building. By providing the inner and outer layout of the building, it can save lot of time and money. We train our students to cement the skills in architecture and create a layout plan in field of architecture by taking advantages of the technology and form a video representation of layout which ultimately makes it easier for the clients to understand. Using 3D approach, the students can further simplify the visuals of the layout and immensely help in the field of architects.

Gaming (Game Art and Design)

Games hold no age bar. From teenagers to adults, everyone plays games. Games are form of entertainment to cherish the moments of enjoyment. Games have a vast and profitable market. Creating games requires different stages of execution. Game developers are professionals in designing, developing and creating games for the audiences to play. We offer courses in Game art and design so that one day you might create your own game. Our course focuses on the basic and advance aspects of game creation including modeling, texturing, animation, designing etc. We provide technical know-how of Gaming using latest technological software. Experience trainers will make your life at RASE, an enjoyment rather than a stress.

Fine Art

Fine art is the formation of the visual arts. Ones creativity and imagination is artistically presented in form of visualized art. It is a somehow connected to artistic art but quite different from it. We offer courses in fine arts by developing strong independent points of view and a mature grasp of the range of critical debate surrounding contemporary art. We provide ambitious environment so the students can further conceptualize their imagination in order to depict something creative. Our complete guidance and knowledge is imparted on students to mold them to perform even better. They are allocated a tutorwho monitors progress, sets targets and directs them in their studies. Through workshops and projects, the students are highly encouraged and various techniques and approaches are observed throughout the curriculum.


Compositing is formation of an image by manipulating the background scene taken from different sources. It requires definitive photography skills to master such technique. RASE offer composting program that go through the basic to mastery level of compositing with the help of professional instructors and specific tools required to master the art. Through mastering compositing, you will deepen your understanding of color, light, and movement — vaulting your photography skills to the next level. Concept of photo manipulation and composite is taught through phases of the program. Using various sophisticated techniques, students are encouraged to learn the art of compositing. Certain projects and tasks are assigned to check the progress of the students.